Sunday, December 27, 2015

Polymer Nails

The framing and first layer of plywood is going to be glued and screwed with epoxy coated deck screws and PL Premium Construction Adhesive.  However, the subsequent layers (3 in total on the bottom and 2 intotal everywhere else) will be laminated with epoxy.

This is my solution for holding the plywood in place while the epoxy cures.  I bought an assortment of 15 gauge polymer nails and the nailer to drive them (Omer B17P.763).  The nice thing about theses nails is they can't corrode, and best of all they won't hurt your cutting tools.  So I can nail as much as I want along the chines for example, and rounding them later with a router will not be an issue.

This is a super product line for boat building!

Here is their website:

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